When you don’t have time to cook, fast food coupons can help save you money

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When You Don’t Have Time To Cook, Fast Food Coupons Can Help Save You Money

Eating healthy food at home is always going to be your best option for optimal nutrition, but when you are on the run fast food coupons can at least help save you money. We are all so busy these days that cooking at home is just not always practical. But the options for eating out can become pretty expensive when you factor in the feeding of an entire family. Fast food does offer the least expensive alternative, and you can stretch your dollars if you keep an eye out for the coupons that cater to your favorite restaurants.

The Sunday paper is a good place to start. Chains like Arby’s almost always offer a variety of coupons and in many cases they allow you to make quantity purchases on items. The expiration dates are sometimes pretty quick, so you need to keep up to date with what you have on hand.

Another way to get restaurant coupons is to go to the website of the restaurant and join their newsletter or loyalty program if they have one. Once you are on their email list, you should start to see regular offers coming to you. These are sometimes the best coupons because they are so inexpensive to distribute. Sometimes they will send a really valuable offer for your birthday. So, you might want to sign up all the members in your family.

With the economy suffering these days, a lot of restaurants are not doing the volume of business that they used to do. Sometimes you can go to an establishment and set up a discount for your office or church group with that particular place. The smart restaurateur is going to be open to situations where they can create repeat customers. If you have a business you might even be able to get them to create a special offer to give away to your customers. Usually, this will be for an item that you would not come and get without buying something else. This is truly a win-win situation where you are giving something of value away and the restaurant is getting a potential customer in the door that they might normally never have attracted.

Fast food coupons have many applications and truly save your family money if you use them wisely.

Tips to set up a representative office in china

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Tips to Set Up a Representative Office in China

After your first study visit to China, you may realize that doing business in China requires a local presence of your firm to facilitate business communications, or you may wish to further assess a better understanding of the size and potential of the China market before investing committed resources.

The next step is to consider setting a representative office, which is the fastest and the most economical way to competitively position your firm’s presence in China. But first of all, you need to understand if a representative office’s structure is the most appropriate for your firm’s China’s market entry strategy.

A representative office’s primary function is to conduct China market research, and to coordinate parent firm’s activities in China. This includes liaison with local contacts, contract negotiations, warranty and after sales service, lastly import, export and distribution services.

However, a representative office is not allowed to conduct profit making activities which includes collecting payments or issue product or service invoices. Besides, the representative office can only represent its parent company for its existence in China. It is important to note although there is no with no profits, taxes to are still payable to the Chinese government. Furthermore, recruitment of staff cannot be done directly through your office but has to go through a local human resource agency.

Depending on your nature of business and its intended operations in China, the location of your representative office cannot be overlooked in your market entry process. Most representative offices are often located in major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen as these cities offer higher agglomeration of the same industry players. However, 2nd or 3rd tier cities should also be considered for an early mover advantage into China market.

In addition, your representative office portrays your commitment and business operation in China and therefore an above average office furnishing will aid to leave a good impression on your Chinese partners or clients when they visit your office for discussion.

A representative office in China not only demonstrates your firm’s commitment to stay competitive in China, it also helps to improve communication between partners and in turn building up the much needed “Guan Xi” (Relationship) for more business opportunities and cooperation.

However if you are considering to set up a manufacturing or processing facility in China, a wholly foreign owned enterprise (WFOEs) will be of a better option, but would require a higher capital injection.

A point to note is that, even if you have set a WFOE in a city where your manufacturing facility is based, you may want to consider having a representative office in your target sales cities to facilitate business operation. On the other hand, a good distribution partner with regional coverage can help to rectify this problem.

Last but not least, it will be beneficial for your firm to engage a good Chinese market research firm to assist you to perform the necessary market research, setting up your representative office, arranging your China business trips, interpretation services and lastly market entry into China.

Put the fubb factor into customer service

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Put the Fubb Factor Into Customer Service

The customer is always right, right? You’d better believe it if you want to survive in today’s competitive marketplace.

When you follow the money trail back to its source, you understand that taking good care of your customers is not just important, it’s imperative. More than any other factor, the service you give your customers affects your business success or failure.

Good customer service starts at the moment a prospective client comes in contact with you. Let’s say you own an electronics store. A man walks in looking for a plasma TV. The first part of good customer service involves pleasant, helpful workers who respond to the customer’s needs with a helping hand guiding him through his experience. With correct customer service, he is able to see his options, find what he needs, and leave satisfied with a purchase that pleases him. But good customer service doesn’t stop there.

Suppose the customer gets home and begins to watch his new TV. Within minutes the TV starts to smell funny and make weird sounds. The man calls the store very upset with his new product.

Assume he reaches an unhelpful salesperson who, in so many words, tells him “tough luck.” Not only will the customer never shop at your store again, he will tell an average of seven people about his poor experience with you. However, if the person on the phone apologizes, takes responsibility and offers him an acceptable solution, he is likely to calm down. By allowing him to easily return the product and get a replacement, this store guarantees his loyalty, future business and positive referrals.

Thus, good customer service starts at the initial point of contact and ends when the consumer is completely satisfied with the product or service, which may be long after the sale takes place.

While this may seem like a lengthy process, great customer care is the single most controllable difference between you and your competition. With so many choices available, consumers have little or no reason to remain loyal to a company if they are not 110% pleased with the experience. This brings us to the next important aspect of customer service, the FUBB Factor.

Follow Up Beyond Belief – FUBB. This is the biggest factor between good and great customer service. FUBB refers to the practice of going above and beyond the call of duty to please the client. In today’s highly competitive economy, it is crucial to follow up in any and every way possible. Follow up to the point that your customers cannot resist telling other people about you.

If a customer makes a suggestion, follow up on it. If a customer experiences a problem, follow up and make sure it has been resolved to their satisfaction. If a mistake was made, take responsibility for it whether or not you are the one who made it. Then ask your clients for feedback in order to gauge how they truly feel about your service.

When the customer is happy, business is good. They tell others about you. Life is good. But if the customer is unhappy, you are likely to face bad reviews, negative word-of-mouth advertising, and a lost customer forever. Be sure to make excellent customer service a top priority in your long list of things to do. It’s just smart business. A single customer, well cared for – someone whose concerns you have followed up on beyond belief – can pay you rich dividends well into the future.

Do not call

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Do Not Call

Last week www.smartcompany.com.au ran a story saying that the Federal Government may include business numbers in the Do Not Call register. What are they talking about?

Prospecting for new business via the telephone (referred to as unsolicited phone calls) is still a legitimate and critical business activity necessary for anyone in sales and in business, especially in business to business sales where consumer marketing and advertising strategies do not work effectively. It is a vital activity any business or sales person worth their salt should be doing on a regular basis. Therefore I do not believe that the government should include business numbers in the DO NOT CALL register.

Good sales people have done their homework on who they want to call and are prepared to approach the prospecting phone call with a clear client centred purpose and professional manner. They don’t just pick up the phone willy nilly and dial anyone. Many businesses have won loyal clients and large projects by prospecting to new businesses. How do you think we did if before the internet? How do you think we still do it? Whilst the internet and SEO is helpful it has not replaced prospecting as a key source of new business development. Prospecting it still a key strategy to grow sales for any business.

Unless someone can come up with alternative, cost effective sales prospecting / new business development strategies that can bypass using the telephone as a prospecting tool and are fair for all concerned (meaning it doesn’t leave small businesses at a disadvantage to bigger players who can afford others means more easily) we need to be able to prospect via the phone to continue to find new viable customers and grow our businesses.

Using the phone to source new business is a cost effective sales tool that gives parity to anyone from a start up business to a large corporate. Placing businesses on the DO NO CALL register would discriminate against smaller businesses and start ups. It would further kill off diversity in this already over-corporatised country. So using the phone to prospect should be here to stay. If not for fairness and the ease and cost of doing business but for the environmental factors as well. I mean who wants more junk mail? (Which would probably replace the phone calls). I would rather field a few calls (many of which are legitimate) than get copious amounts of emails or mail to deal with everyday.

As you know I spend my much of my business life demystifying what good sales and prospecting practices are versus unethical and incompetent practices. While there are those people and businesses who give sales and prospecting a bad name, fortunately they are in the minority. This type of proposal is at risk of basing its findings on the minority of ‘bad’ operators at the expense of the majority who do the right thing.

Let’s make sure we do not kill off initiative, common sense and the entrepreneurial spirit by denying us the opportunity to use a legitimate business tool in a legitimate business tool box.

My only hope is that whatever happens on this proposal the government has the common sense and foresight to put business people and competent sales people onto its task force to ensure the ‘real world’ view is heard and acted upon. So I am putting my hand up and am happy to contribute to the debate if the government wants my point of view.

Trends in calvin klein perfume

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Trends in Calvin Klein Perfume

Calvin Klein perfume is one of the most admired lines of both men’s and women’s perfumes. Those that are hunting for something, which provides a huge range of depth and keeps you aroma good for a long time must think the perfumes provided to you in the Calvin Klein line.

Spoilt for option in both men’s and women fragrances! There are numerous perfume and fragrance products to take into concern in addition in this line of perfumes. You would find the CK or Calvin Klein body moisturizer, the Calvin Klein body wash, deodorant, and along with several other varieties much more. This full line of perfume based products would tempt you to come back to it.

Both men’s and women’s fragrances are accessible in the Calvin Klein line. Some of their perfume and fragrances products are even promoted to both sexes in the same product. To be able to do this, offer a product for women and men, the perfume line has to be sky-scraping in quality. It should be natural smelling, provide a fresh scent and one that is simply sensational. This modern fragrance is one that you would feel beautiful in. Perfumes of this excellence are hard to come by. To appreciate just how remarkable it is, know that the Calvin Klein line has been around for pretty a while.

You can choose the Calvin Klein eau de Toilette in 200ml, 50ml or in 100ml. Choose the perfume and fragrance that is ideal for you. This designer fragrance is one that would offer you with most archetypal of perfumes with the most modern hint to them. This is one of the most excellent colognes, which you would find on the market today. Calvin Klein is a head in class products and the line of men’s and women’s perfumes is absolutely a match to that quality.

You could buy a huge range of discount perfumes. Finding a discounted perfume, which is affordable, is not hard when you use online perfume stores. There are many perfume stores online that would provide a huge range of gorgeous smelling perfumes for you to take into deliberation. Cheap perfumes do not have to be cheap when it comes to quality. You could find many of the designer perfume brands provided for less on the web.